Alyssa Stilo Presents...


Alyssa Stilo has been playing the piano since she was 6 years of age under the tutelage of Maxine Shell. Throughout high school at Mowbray College, Alyssa participated in many music ensembles, recitals, music competitions and private lessons under the instruction of John Payne and Sue Goessling. During this time she also took the time to learn percussion, with teacher Greg Sully, so she could join the school orchestra and symphonic band. Alyssa was a member of the Kew Brass Band where she learnt the importance of musicianship, commitment and musicality at the highest level. Alyssa completed her VCE receiving the Dux award in her school for both solo and group performance.

Alyssa completed a Bachelor of Music in piano performance at the University of Melbourne Conservatorium of Music under the guidance of Anna Goldsworthy. She then went on to study music education at Melbourne University.
Alyssa graduated with a Master of Teaching, receiving top marks in her school placements and developing a strong disposition for the importance of music education for every child.

Alyssa is working towards completing her full Australian Kodály Certificate. The concept behind the Kodály method is that every person has a musical aptitude, and that singing should be the foundation of learning for the basis of a musical education. It is of a developmental, sequential and cumulative and continuous approach, that reflects the way that children learn naturally. Alyssa uses this framework as an integral part of her teaching strategy.

Alyssa is a passionate music educator and piano teacher at Kingswood College and her home studio to a variety of student and different styles. She believes that each and every student deserves and should receive a musical experience through a classroom and/or instrumental music program. The ultimate goal that all music educators should work towards is a lifetime involvement and engagement with music by the students as well as an intellectual understanding and appreciation for all types of music.